Grow your business with tailor‑made pricing for your customers

Priceive tracks your customers buying behaviour and dynamically prices your products and subscriptions plans, so you get more conversions and increase profit.

A better way to price your products

Priceive tests and analyzes different prices with different people so you can get the most out of your products.

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    Multiple Pricings

    Create multiple pricings for each of your products and subscription plans.

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    Dynamic Pricing

    Define which prices each of your visitors sees, you can define different ruls based on their characteristics.

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    Seamless A/B Testing

    Test variants by presenting different prices to visitors with similar characteristics. On future visits they will see the same variant.

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    Analytics & Insights

    Get detailed analytics to optimize your products prices for different segments of your customers and increase revenue.

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    Privacy Friendly

    We DO NOT track your visitors individually, all the data gets anonymized and aggregated to keep their privacy.

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    Incognito Integration

    We comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR so you don't have to display opt-ins or ask your visitors for consent.

What can you do with Priceive?

Some of the most common use cases that can Priceive can help you with.

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    Geographical Pricing

    Geographical pricing is a relatively simple pricing strategy that's becoming more and more common these days, and unlocks huge potenial and growth. With this approach price is determined by the buyer's location, which is done easily with Priceive, so you can reach new markets and maximize profit in those you're already in.

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    Price Testing

    Setting and maintaining the right price for your products might be one of the most difficult things to do. With Priceive you can test different prices on your audience or just a part of it (like a specific country). You'll be able to track and analyze each pricing and segement of your audience to find out which converts the best.

Control Who Sees What

Money's worth is not the same all over the globe, and your product value may vary based on the potential customer.

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    Flexible Targeting

    With Priceive you can easily integrate geo-pricing and reach new markets. You can also define pricing rules for your users based on other characteristics such as their browser, device, etc.

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    Test and Adjust

    Use the A/B testing function to discover what works best for all types of your customers. You can also use it to create and to test different versions of cognitive biases to boost your sales.

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Fluid and Intuitive Dashboard

Access your data in one place on any device.

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    Clean Comparison

    Feel like comparing between only 2 countries? No Problem, with our dashboard you can clean unwanted clutter and choose only what you truly want to see.

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    Custom Data View

    From bird's-eye to the ground - You can see analytics of a specific pricing, compare between a few or get the overall picture of your entire business.

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Choose Your Plan

What do you get with all inclusive?

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    Create & manage unlimited pricings

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    Unlimited tiers/products

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    Unlimited targeting rules

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    Unlimited tests

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    Full control over what traffic should be tested

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    Comprehensive analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Priceive really free?

    Yes! Our service is completely free during beta, no hidden catch. Once we launch our early users will get to use our service for an additional month free of charge.

  • Do I need to provide credit card or any other payment method?

    Since we currently offer our service for free, no credit card or any other payment method is needed.

  • Do I need to ask my visitors for consent? Are you GDPR/CCPA/PECR compliant?

    Priceive takes privacy seriously. We don't use any cookies to track your visitors and all of your website' traffic data that goes through our servers gets anonymized and aggregated so it is impossible to identify individuals. Our service is compliant withall privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and PECR, That means you don't have to display any extra banners or opt-ins to ask your visitor for their consent.

  • Is my visitors privacy protected?

    Yes, All the data Priceive gets about your visitors is being anonymized and aggregated so it is impossible to identify individuals from it. We don't store or log any identifiable data of your visitors. for more information on how we process data you can take a look at our privacy poilcy.

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